Search and comment on planning applications

You can search and comment on recent planning applications on-line. Find the application you would like to comment on and select ‘make comment’.

  • You can also search using wildcard (*) characters (e.g. *LL19* or *Prestatyn*) in the 'Location' field. 

Find a planning application

SESSION TIME OUT - Please be aware when submitting comments online, that if you leave the page unfinished and inactive for over 30 minutes your session may 'time out' and you will not be able to retrieve your unfinished comments. You may find it useful to type up your comments elsewhere and copy & paste them into the comments field.

If you are having difficulty finding an application, please contact us and we will help find a reference number for you.

You can view our weekly lists of validated planning applications.

You can also visit Caledfryn to view an application.

Commenting on an application

Having your say on a planning application is known as making a representation. Representations about planning applications must be made in writing no later than:

  • 21 days from the date shown on your neighbour notification letter, or 
  • 21 days from the date shown on any site notice or date any notice appeared in the press (please note that site notices and press notices are not posted for all applications)

Representations submitted after the above time limits might not be taken into account because the outcome might have been decided.

We cannot take into account representations that do not include your address or are anonymous.

Access to information

Please remember that all representations received, including any photographs or other supporting information, are available for public inspection and cannot be treated in confidence. If a planning decision is appealed against by the applicant, the council must send any comments you have made to the Planning Inspectorate, who may publish them on their website and also forward them to the applicant. Please make sure that you only provide information that you are happy to be made available to others. If you supply personal information belonging to a third party please make sure you have their permission to do so.

Copyright notice

The plans, drawings and documentation published on these pages are protected by Copyright .
You may only use material, which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current planning applications with previous schemes, and check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the express consent of the copyright owner.