Report an issue

Report street-related issues to the council.

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Report a problem with a streetlightReport a faulty or broken street light.


PotholesReport a pothole in the road, or a damaged pavement.


Dog issuesReport dog fouling, stray dogs, nuisance barking or dead dogs.



Manhole, gully or culvert Report a problem with a manhole, gully or culvert.


Grass, trees and hedgesTell us about a problem with grass, trees or hedges.


Fly-tippingReport fly-tipping



Report abandoned vehicles Report a nuisance vehicle Report floodingReport a dead animal on the road Report fly-postingReport graffiti Report broken glass Report illegal off-roading (North Wales Police Website)Report anti-social behaviourReport a coastal, promenade or harbour issueReport a damaged barrierReport a hazard on a roadReport a street cleaning issueReport a snow, ice or gritting problem