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Licences and permits

Denbighshire County Council is the licensing authority for the Denbighshire community.

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Business and street trading licencesTaxis, food businesses, market traders and more.


Entertainment and alcohol licencesPersonal and premises licences, temporary event notices (TENs) and more.


Road and highway licencesRoad closures, scaffolding permits and more.



Animal licencesLicences for pet shops, breeders and more.


Multiple occupancy home (HMO) licencesWhen you need a HMO licence and how to apply.


Gambling licencesLicences to regulate gambling activities in Denbighshire.



Civil wedding premises licenceHow to license your premises for civil wedding and civil partnership ceremonies.


Caravan and campsite licenceYou need a licence to run a caravan or camping site.


Personal treatmentsRegister your tattooing, piercing or acupuncture business.



Charitable collectionsChild performance and employment Explosives and fireworks Mobile Homes LicensingParking permits  Weighbridge registration Statement of Licensing Policy